Group Home Provider Training | Weekend Group Home Boot Camp Training

Our group home provider training offers a full, well-integrated resource that has been designed specifically for group home providers. As a recognized personal care business consulting agency, Nursing & Behavioral Health Services provide participants with the latest information and laws that facilitate the operation of group homes for medically, behaviorally challenged individuals including Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Packed with detailed program and clinical contents, our group home provider training promises a robust premier training for new and existing providers while maintaining the primary goal of improving confidence and the ability to run the day to day affairs of a residential home in any state.

This group home provider training workshop will cover essential documentation requirements and risk management concepts. It also aims to explain processes such as referrals, intake, screening, admission, discharge, transition, hiring/firing, and evaluating employees, the death of a resident, missing resident, care coordination, ISP, managing medical and psychiatric crisis, and program evaluation.

With over 20 years of industry experience, NBHS group home provider training will extend a wealth of knowledge to its participants. This course adopts an immersive teaching approach and will combine discussions, question and answer segments, a group quiz and handout materials for reference to ensure each lesson achieves its aim. You will not just learn to maintain a safe environment but also know how to develop effective support systems for all residents served.

Our group home provider training is conducted with Ring Central Meeting.This is the video conference platform we utilize and is required to participate in any of our training.  Don’t worry, its free!  Just go to, click support and locate downloads from your desktop. Then download Ring Central Meeting.  If using your cell phone go to your app store and locate Ring Central Meeting.  On the day of the training, you will receive a link or meeting id number via text or email which will allow you to join the training.

Why Choose our Video Training?


Learning how to get started or become better as a group home provider can be time and money consuming since you will keep trying out several courses and training seminars. With us, you are learning from industry experts and former group home owners. This advantage gives you the exact information you need at a lower price while helping you save cost and time.


Our training program is always available on a weekly basis and has been designed to offer a fully immersive experience. From interactive videos and discussions to group segments and handouts for reference purpose, you will be learning from an interactive video workshop that fosters true learning experience.


Our group home provider training only allows a small class of 6 to 12 to ensure maximum attention during training while making sure the lesson achieves its primary purpose.  There is just no better way to ensure active learning takes place.


Our courses are deeply filtered, information streamlined, to only include the necessary knowledge needed for attendees to excel in their day-to-day work of caring for individuals.


We minimize theory teaching. We provide very practical anecdotal accounts; run individual and group exercises; encourage professional debates and discussions in real time atmosphere.


We train our attendees on how to seek solutions, arrive at evidence-based technical approaches, utilize resources, mitigate liability and include relevant stakeholders.


Our courses are insightful. We teach only essential processes. Trainees can easily take their leanings immediately to the work place, transfer and share learning and valuable know how.


You will never find our group home provider training workshops identical. Never! Every course will include fresh and relevant ideas, add a meaningful visual or add a new exercise or engaging opportunity. Our training content is dynamic and evolving.


Our trainers are advisers, consultants and industry experts to many personal care business organizations and potential providers. They understand the realities and challenges attendees will face in their work life with resident, client, other providers, the state and quasi-governmental agencies.

So, do you want to become a group home provider? Are you looking to improve as a group home provider?

COST: $325.00 | 3.5 Hours | Video Training

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Still not sure? Checkout some testimonies from previous attendees.


Great group home provider training and awesome trainer. Nothing like it. –  Eric Humm, Atlanta, Georgia

So much info I never knew, and wonderful documents shared. Terrance Grand – Columbus GA

Wonderful company and training was the best. Gail Bryant – Memphis, TN

Best 3 hours spent. Mr. Flagg knows his stuff. I feel so much better.  Marcus G., Richmond VA

My head is still spinning with all the information given. Never knew, never knew.  Griffin Jordan – Greensboro, NC

I knew nothing about what I was coming into before this course. Thanks! Nathan Thomas

Thanks you, thank you NBHS. My confidence is so much better now. Training was right on point.  Traci Walker – Fairax, VA

Not bad at all. Job well done.  I thought I was on point until this training.  Nathan Spear – Power Springs, GA

Where have you been? Thanks so much. My wife still talking about all.  Great training.  The owner is the best consultant…we took it twice. Philip Trench, FNP – Sterling Heights, MI

Totally blown away. I have taken a couple of these boot camp training courses but not like this one.  Cambridge, Maryland

COST: $325.00 | 3.5 Hours | Video Training

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