The pre-walk through group home inspection is one of the most important parts of opening a group home. Often, first time licensees will not have completed this, mainly because they are not aware that a professional agency is available to assist with this process. Others fail to consider this type of inspection because they make the mistake of thinking they have everything under control when in reality they don’t. Our inspections will SAVE time and money.
How? If your group home is not in full compliance when the inspector arrives, you may have to wait for the next scheduled inspection whilst still liable for the overheads associated with the home.

Why is a Professional Group Home Inspection Important?

A group home inspection results in a comprehensive report on the physical aspect of the home to be licensed. This involves a room to room evaluation of over 100 health, safety and compliance checkpoints. Our professional group home inspection gives you an up-to-date assessment of the overall health of the home and provides a written report of all issues likely to affect licensing. The group home inspector will also inspect the crawl space, conduct radon testing, looks for the presence of live inspects and conducts mold detection. The plumbing, heating, wiring and cooling systems are also inspected. In every instance, state licensing standards are always applied Let NBHS help you improve your chances of getting your group home licensed.

COST: $650
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