Non-Medical Home Care, Custodial Care, Companion Care, Live-in Care

“Non-medical”, “custodial’ or “companion care” are usually needed when someone is requiring companionship, a minimal amount of help with managing daily activities and/or to assure safety, such as in the case of someone who might be forgetting to turn off the stove.

Worthy of note is the “Live-in” care, “Live-in” care is provided when someone needs care around the clock. For safety reasons, live-in care is not right for everyone. If a patient is not able to call for help during the night, a live-in caregiver will not be appropriate. This type of caregiver will be sleeping at night and may not hear the patient trying to get up. This can result in a fall or serious injury.

The terms “Non-Medical Home Care”, Custodial Care” and “Companion Care” are all used to describe care provided at home by a non-professional. Caregivers that provide these types of care are not required to have any specific medical training. At Nightingale Homecare, all caregivers are required to have extensive experience providing care, including: measuring vital signs, bathing, transferring patients safely from bed to chair and back, and reporting concerning symptoms or changes in behavior/function that may signal that the health condition of the patient has changed.

The alternative to “live-in” care is when the agency provides caregivers that are required to remain awake at all times. In these cases, the same caregiver will not spend the night, but will be substituted for a caregiver that is rested and prepared to stay awake through the night to provide assistance when needed.
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