Some of the health maintenance activities that can be performed by proxy caregivers include:

  • Medication supervision, assistance, and administration
  • Blood glucose monitoring
  • Insulin administration
  • Simple dressing changes
  • Range of motion
  • And more, based on evaluation by a licensed healthcare professional

The Department of Community Health hasdeveloped the rules and regulations that must be followed when training, hiring, and supervising proxy caregivers.

Proxy Caregiver training must include a written curriculum, demonstration of competency-based skill sets, policies and procedures to guide the supervision of the proxy caregivers, and a minimum score of 75% on the Test of Functional Health Literacy Assessment (TOFHLA).

Many providers fail to understand the significance of Proxy Caregiver training and therefore operate out of compliance. Other providers don’t even have training material on the premises which is a violation of Georgia law in and of itself.


The State of Georgia allows certain licensed healthcare professionals to train caregiver staff to perform health maintenance activitiesin a variety of settings.  But who trains the nursesor healthcare professionals?  NBHS offers a comprehensive manual containing instructions and essential training topics, quizzes, and competency checklists to equip these professionals to properly train caregivers. Our manuals or workbooks not only look impressive, they are impressive,as well as being economically priced and durable. In addition, our products are awesome learning tools—they carry on reinforcing knowledge long after the course has ended.

You can trust NBHS of Georgia to produce superb training manuals. We use only quality literature and best practices. Our team of industry experts with more than 30 years of experience in community mental health, and specifically in the personal care business arena, have produceda comprehensive instructional design standard.

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NBHS OF GEORGIA offers two very distinct manuals—the CAREGIVER TRAINING MANUAL FOR RNs and licensed health care professionals who desire to have the tool they need to properly conduct future trainings and the COMPREHENSIVE TRAINER MANUAL FOR PROVIDERS. Both manuals essentially contain: a user guide, the Test of Functional Health Literacy Assessment (TOFHLA),course outline, instructions, current training materials, exams, competency checklists and evaluations.

The manual for Providers, however, is far more robust with training exercises (health maintenance activities), handouts, and other tools critical to facilitating and reinforcing learning. This is an excellent training source to have as many CRA and Group Home Providers don’t have one tool with all the critical materials for conducting Proxy Caregiver Training. Provider can buy this and have on hand for all future trainings and remain in compliance.

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