More importantly, The Code of Federal Regulations require States to ensure that eligible and qualified Medicaid beneficiaries have available transportation to take them to and from providers. However, every State Medicaid program is different. States have the option of developing and implementing Medicaid waiver programs, which can allow them to provide coverage for additional transportation needs in varying ways.

A non-medical transportation company is yet another growing business in the personal care landscape. This level of transportation is an important benefit for individuals who need to get to and from medical services, but lack the means of transportation. The need for transportation cannot be for reasons or symptoms secondary to a life-threatening event such as uncontrolled bleeding, heart attack, automobile accident, or other serious trauma.

As hinted earlier, Program rules vary from State to State and providers are responsible for knowing and abiding by the specific rules for the State in which they run their facility. Non-medical transportation company providers can provide services through Medicaid Waiver programs but also to the private sector in a multitude of ways.
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