Program Licensing & Start-up Research for Any State

Licensing & start-up research for the personal care business is the way to go, and it can save you time, money, and headaches. In fact, it is the best way to proceed for any prospective provider.

Our motto is simple,“work backwards.” Find the money first, and build the program it requires. It provides state specific information by allowing our research consultants to investigate your desired program in your state of choice, while acquiring the essential documents and information necessary for you to make the most informed decision(s) regarding your business interest.

Benefits of This Service:It has been our experience that the best providers are the most informed providers. Having critical information about licensing and start-up requirements allows prospective providers to make the most informed decisions about matters such as office or home location, home care vs a group home, or a business interest being economically feasible or not.

How Does This Service Work? During the initial consultation, licensing start-up requirements and funding options are discussed, andthe client’s business interest is explored and alternatives are presented. However, state specific licensing requirements, the application process, rate options, and other barriers to the business venture are researched.

Our program licensing and start-up research service is offered in 5 hour increments. 3.5 hours are used for information gathering, and 1.5 hours are used for discussing the findings with the client. Afterwards, the client may choose to retain NBHS of Georgia to assist them in the licensing process.

Cost: $650.00
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