Furthermore, Adult day services can include recreational activities, outings, changing briefs and emptying a urine bag. Administering medications may also be part of the programming. Currently, specialized adult day programs are becoming more popular and offer services such as wound dressing, managing challenging behaviors (typically associated with Alzheimer and Dementia) and offering extended day care options.


Adult day services are generally provided in a building and during daytime hours. The services offered may be medical or non-medical, and are typically based on a plan created by a care team. This type of business is also called adult day care and adult day program.

These operations may last for 12 to 16 hours daily and offer transportation to and from the program. Serving as a safe haven for clients whilst family members or guardians are at work or completing errands.Such programs may be operated as for profit or non-profit entities and operate through the process of private pay or via contract obtained through the state.

Adult day services is another personal care business type, currently in huge demand, going by the rise in the population of aged people. Clearly, the demand is only expected to rise within the next 20 years.

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