Personal care business opportunities describes organizations established with the purpose of providing care for individuals whose long-term care needs can no longer be met sufficiently at home by family members, or independently. This type of business include but is not limited to group homes, companion care companies, adult day programs, personal care homes, non-medical staffing agencies. transportation companies and online health product stores that typically employ the same level of delivery. In addition, consultants such as Nurses and Behavioral Analysts may form agencies and can also render some personal care services.

Through these various companies, clients (Activities of Daily Living) ADLs are addressed and individuals receive continuous engagement with the community. Again, services may also be performed in or out of the individual’s home. And these services vary greatly. For example, businesses may offer transportation to and from activities, broker community services and facilitate social adaptation and leisure skill development. Other services may include personal care training and deploying staff to accompany participants on daily leisure activities.

Lastly, it is estimated that about one million Americans live in more than 20,000 assisted living communities and personal care homes. Within our aging society, personal care is a growing business and therefore will logically continue to be in high demand among US citizens. In addition, the US Census Bureau has predicted that by the year 2030, about 20 percent of our population will be aged 65 and older. This increases the need for more quality personal care business opportunities now and in the future.

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