Group Home Policies and Procedures for Virginia or Any State

Group Home Policies and Procedures for Virginia or Any State

Get Custom Group Home Policies and Procedures for Virginia or Any State. NBHS of Georgia specialize in writing clearly defined policies and procedures that are uniquely tailored to Virginia or your state of choice and for you program of choice.

They impact both customers and employees assuring the kind of consistent, high caliber service that generates and maintains success.

Policy ~ a programmed course of action and guide toward established business objectives. Well written Group Home Policies create a direct link between your business vision and its daily operations, with strategies for decision makers to abide by and embrace when challenges arise. The tell state agencies how knowledgeable you are about your business.

They are useful for:

  • identifying company rules and regulations
  • describing whom it applies to
  • assisting with proper application
  • streamlining everyone’s efforts
  • illustrating enforcement
  • listing consequences for non-compliance to company policy

Procedure ~ an illustrative method of doing a task or set of tasks for uniform results. Sometimes referred to as SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures), every personal care business needs them to guide every employee in ways of achieving consistent performance in daily operations. They are beneficial for:

  • outlining specific work tasks
  • describing when and how to complete a task or set of tasks
  • defining emergency procedures
  • providing examples and alternatives as appropriate
  • illustrating forms, when and how to use them

The advantages of purchasing our program materials include:

  • 20 years experience in policy and procedure development
  • Familiarity with all levels of personnel
  • Knowledge of legal liabilities
  • Custom-tailored policy development for your state’s program
  • Clarity of policies, procedures, responsibilities
  • We honor any state requested corrections to our policies
group_home_policies_procedures _for_Virginia


  1. Program Service Description
  2. Corporate Compliance Plan
  3. Personnel Policies
  4. Emergency Evacuation Plan
  5. Crisis Behavior Support Plan
  6. Organization Chart
  7. Employee & Resident Handbook
  8. Healthcare Plan
  9. Medication Administration Policy
  10. Clinical Documentation Policy
  11. Seclusion & Restraint Policy
  12. Comprehensive Staffing Plan
  13. Quality Assurance Plan
  14. Monthly Meal Planning
  15. Orientation Manual
  16. Risk Management Policy
  17. Home Like Environment Plan
  18. Marketing Implementation Plan
  19. Human Rights Policy
  20. Two Year Budget
  21. Manual of Forms

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