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proxy caregiver training manualNBHS of Georgia is aimed at assisting individuals with developmental disabilities and mental health needs. They provide their families and care givers with affordable and effective support necessary for living, working and thriving within the community. To achieve this, the NBHS of Georgia Proxy Caregiver Training Manual for RN’s, Providers & Agencies was created.

This manual provides proper training resources to empower Direct Support Professionals to receive the training and support necessary to meet certain standards and to competently and effectively deliver health maintenance services.

One of the challenges faced by individuals with developmental disabilities, mental illnesses, and substance use disorders is the inability to cope and live happily in their community. To overcome this challenge, they require support from people around them. Also, they need to be trained to perform some activities independently. These activities are called health maintenance activities and include; medication administration, health status monitoring, range of motion, blood pressure, blood sugar and seizure monitoring.

Based on federal and state laws, as well as regulations and rules established by the Georgia Board of Nursing, Department of Community Health (DCH) Health Facilities Regulation Division and Department Behavior Health & Developmental Disability (DBHDD), certified programs require the training of Direct Support Professionals to be performed by Registered Nurses.  In addition, DCH and DBHDD mandate that community providers have their training content and assessment tools on premises at all times.

The need for nursing services in communities has increased greatly due to the tremendous expansion of community-based programs that have occurred in Georgia as a result of the downsizing and closures of state facilities for individuals with serious mental illnesses. In response to this need, the GBON has created additional rules and regulations that permit licensed nurses to delegate specific tasks to trained, non-nurse employees.

Created by a team of experts, this manual gives community providers the tools they need to be in compliance with state regulation. It contains training content as power point presentations, competency checklist, quizzes, handouts and answer keys.

Support is provided from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday by calling 800.214.2611 or emailing us at:  Any content concerns may also be directed to our agency as we are continuously improving this manual and appreciate all feedback and recommendations.


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