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By: Gregory Wilkins P.h.D.
Date: December 09, 2017

Nursing and Behavioural Health Service offers a plethora of personal care business consulting services and is at the forefront of making people business owners. Popularly known as NBHS of Georgia, the leading management consulting firm is rigorously transforming lives. Prior to becoming NBHS, it was known as Flagg & Associates. It was amalgamated as a venture to bring business ideas to reality by a group of healthcare consultants: Ernest G, Flagg RN, MPA and Dr. Fredrick Leroy Salesman. As it moved on to become a pivotal force in the business industry, it incorporated its intrinsic value of healthcare to business. Going by its new name, the company focuses on healthcare business development.

NBHS brings a versatile industry acumen and potential to bring rouse the entrepreneurial spirit in individuals in individuals. On a daily basis, NBHS works with individuals to help them create better business plans, become business owners, and take charge of their financial lives. Presently, the company remains prominent due to its proficient team of healthcare experts. These healthcare consultants are well-rounded, utterly knowledgeable, and bring an expertise which cut across multiple disciplines.

Over the years, NBHS remains an ‘A-list’ consulting firm due to its unwavering work ethics, meticulous attention-to-detail, and zeal to see employees become employers. This same contagious enthusiasm harmonized by professionalism is brought to all, regardless the client. With over 20 healthcare consultants in-house and 50 nationally, NBHS brings its clients uttermost care and commitment to their success.

NBHS of Georgia personal care business consulting services is surpassed by few.  Our models include but are not limited to:

Nursing Home, DD & ID Group Homes, Children Residential Home, Assisted Living Home, Veteran Home, Senior Home, Adult Day Program, Supported Employment Program, Memory Care Home, Staffing Agency, Health Product Store, Transportation Company, Companion Care Agencies and Private Home Care Agency.

Why our business models are so successful

The aging of the US population will have wide-ranging implications for the United States. As the US ages over the next several decades, its older community will become more racially and ethnically diverse. Projecting the size and structure, regarding age, sex, race, and Hispanic origin, of the older population, is essential to public and private interests, both socially and economically. The anticipated growth of the older people (aka Baby Boomers) in the United States is projected that by 2030 some 20% of our population will be aged 65 and older – presenting challenges to policymakers and programs, including Social Security and Medicare. It will also affect families, industries, and healthcare providers.  The statistics by itself characterizes a present and future demand for personal care businesses of all types.  This in part may also be why nurses and healthcare professional are our primary clientele.

Highly professional and personalized services

NBHS of Geogia offers a host of specialized consultation that are unique to the business models we develop.  It is through these consults that we identify goals, explain hurdle, extablish direction and discuss course of of action.They  support clients from start to completion by being proactive and always available to support.  To schedule a consult and start your venture phone: 800.214.2611 or visit website at: http://www.nbhsllc.com

Schedule consultation: http://nbhsllc.com/featured-consults/

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