Nurses Need a Hustle Too | Best Small Business Ideas for Nurses

Best Small Business Ideas for Nurses and People in Healthcare is not a far reach as it may seem.  As a Nurse, I have worked in far too many setting where hard work, knowledge, and dedication was not appreciated.  Undercut by jealousy, hate or whatever – in my opinion patient care always took a back seat to employers lining their pockets but from my sweat equity.

In a recent study titled “Why Aren’t Nurses Retiring?” a fleet of reasons were identified as to why nurses desired to prolong their service time world compared with those who preferred to exit as scheduled.  Researchers speculated that this might be primarily due to a couple of reasons.

Probably they are elated with their jobs and reluctant to surrender the feeling of the team spirit, responsibility and patient’s satisfaction typically associated with being a nurse. However, being the ole adverse me, I have a very different perspective about why nurses are deferring retirement. I can sum it up very quickly -these nurses are working because they need to pay bills.  They are likely the primary breadwinner within their households. They have children in college, houses with 30-year mortgages, automobiles, refinancing associated with them. Sometimes, they just do not have enough savings accumulated. Nurses should be considering business ownership and making every effort to nurture their entrepreneurial dreams into a reality.  The best way is to start a personal care business using their credentials, knowledge, and resources to make themselves financially independent.  Best Small Business Ideas for Nurses and People in Healthcare is the quiet answer.

Other reasons exist as to why nurses should consider owning personal care business.  The aging of our population will have wide-ranging implications for the United States. As the US ages over the next several decades, its older community will become more racially and ethnically diverse. Projecting the size and structure, regarding age, sex, race, and Hispanic origin, of the older population, is essential to public and private interests, both socially and economically. The anticipated growth of the older people in the United States is projected that by 2030 some 20% of our population will be aged 65 and older – presenting challenges to policymakers and programs, including Social Security and Medicare. It will also affect families, industries, and healthcare providers.  The statistics by itself characterizes a present and future demand for personal care businesses of all types.

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Our Business Best Small Business Ideas for Nurses and People in Healthcare include the following:

Nursing Home, DD & ID Group Homes, Children Residential Home, Assisted Living Home, Veteran Home, Senior Home, Adult Day Program, Supported Employment Program, Memory Care Home, Staffing Agency, Health Product Store, Transportation Company, Companion Care Agencies and Private Home Care Agency.

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