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Like many other fields where women are making inroads nursing is also a well recognized and highly respected occupation around the globe. Since past many decades every year a huge number of young men and women choose nursing as a choice of their career.

According to a survey published in Journal Health Affairs when we take a look and compare the era of 90’s with the results of the present time we get to see a drastic change, i.e. that an average registered nurse these days works 2.5 years more. With this radical change in the behavior the size of the workforce has increased to 136,000. As we went deep into the subject we begin to find out the other side of the story, the most common reason that was highlighted for postponing the retirement was the poor financial condition.

Its generally considered and we have been hearing it for a long a long time that nursing career comes with a number of benefits, a number of job opportunities across the globe a good salary package and a lot of incentives but like every other career it’s also not without drawbacks.

When we take a look at the economic factors of the past decade we will see that with the economic recession of 2007 to 2009 and the number of speculations were made regarding this profession and the economic recession that the number of nurses by 2022 would decrease and will fall short of need it was one of the major reasons why a large number of nurses re-entered the profession and many put off their retirement plans on hold for the sake of the economic stability and recovery. Health being one of the major needs of the society was quite a lot needed regardless of the economic conditions. But with the passage of time as the economic factors began to improve the older nurses did not retire as according to the anticipation. This became the reason behind creating a tougher environment for newly graduate nurses.
Latter on studies revealed and proved the fact that the nurses were retiring late and the recession was not the reason behind the late retirements. Findings further proved that a large number of nurses after the age of 50 were still employed and thus the carrier span of the nurses has increased over time, and it was a change that began long before the recession of 2007 to 2009.

However, the ultimate reason might totally not be based on the profession of nursing at all. But the world has changed a lot. People have a longer span of lives, and even though they might not be internally healthier, but the advancement in the field of medicine and science can keep them functional and able to continue working. As we see our society nowadays a number of healthy and unhealthy social trends, such as having children in the later part of life and the high increase in divorce ratio, can mean that finding oneself still putting kids through college in one’s 60s or 70’s or it can even be that living on a single income and needing the health insurance is quite a lot normal. Even though the economy might not have played a major role in prolonging the careers of nurses, still the economic certainly has. As we have a number of requirements to live in a society, similarly in life some people simply want a better quality of retired life which thus means they require more money. So simply these are the ultimate factors that are responsible for being the reason behind why nurses are not retiring.

I hate to break this news to new graduate nurses struggling to find jobs, but the real reason that older nurses don’t retire isn’t—as you may have been led to believe—the struggling economy. The reason is that a large percentage of retirement-aged nurses enjoy working. As a middle-generation nurse, I’m coming to grips with this reality myself.

Many of my longtime colleagues are old enough to retire. When they do, they often retain on-call status. They never really go away. It’s weird to attend a retirement party for a coworker and then see her or him again the next day at work, helping out with a special project for their manager.

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