Application & Checklist Review

Do you understand the value of having your personal care business application and checklist professionally reviewed? How sure are you that your applications are correct when they are screened or that you have satisfied the requirements? At DMVCG, we know that poorly prepared applications are the #1 reason for rejection. Many potential providers are unaware of each state application process or how to navigate through them properly and for various reason this could be the case.

In our opinion, submitting a close to perfect application the first time is the most important factor in the licensure and certification process. Most state agencies are now using point systems, along with human eyes, to score your application and reject it, if not following the strict standards outlined. Having inaccuracies, misinterpretations, and improper documents or labeling of policies can hinder your chances at getting your application accepted causing you more time and money. The way you complete your application and checklist tell the receiving state agency how well you comprehend and follow instructions.  Yes! Indeed, it send a message to the state agency of how well you might run your agency.

We have reviewed thousands of applications over the years. Without reservation, our team collectively agrees that many of those applications would never receive respect or movementas would they had received a professional review. We will review application and checklist yours line by line in extreme detail, which is invaluable towards reaching your ultimate goal and provider you with written feedback.  Now that’s valuable!

When your application and checklist get screened, how sure are you it is correct? Here is your chance to improve your chances of gettingit accepted the first time around.  What are you waiting for? Schedule the service, submit your documents and receive your results!

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