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ernest-1-250x250Starting an Assisted Living Facility in Texas is rewarding and profitable, as each one provides housing for older people who are likely able to take care of themselves. These facilities are in place to help as necessary with bathing, feeding, getting dressed and basic washing and not intensive medical or nursing care.  In addition, if any facility cares for 4 or more in Texas, it must be licensed or risk being closed and sanctions placed on the operator, including fines and jail time. So, by any all means – get licensed.  Here are the facility types for you to consider:

In Texas, assisted living facilities are either type A, B or C. In the Type A facility, you may care for individuals who are physically and mentally impaired but capable of evacuating the building without assistance. These individual do not need to be monitored during sleeping hours, and they can properly respond to instructions.

The Type B facility may care for residents who require staff help to leave the premises. They may be incapable of following instructions at all times and during emergencies, and they require staff monitoring during late hours and likely need transfer assistance.

A Type C facility is a 4-bed establishment that meets minimum standards for enrollment with the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS) as an adult foster care facility.  Around September of 2014, DADS ceased from contracting with new adult foster care home providers, but it honored all old or previously placed contracts.  From this point, in order to obtained a contact, you would have to establish either a type A or type B facility.

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